Chris Wallace

The Obama Administration is constantly repeating countless lies about the dangers of Conservative objections to raising the debt ceiling. Fox News’ anchor, Chris Wallace, didn’t let Jack Lew get away with giving unchecked political talking points and outright lies on his show this weekend, reports The Blaze. During time index 3:37-5:40, Wallace explains basic economics

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) piles on, following Senate Majority Leader Reid’s actions on the filibuster. (Video) Schumer confronted on filibuster hypocrisy: “Democrats, including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), are decrying the Republican threat of a filibuster to prevent a tax increase for America’s job creators. But as Chris Wallace reminded Schumer this morning, the senator had

White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew joined Chris Wallace on Fox News over the weekend to try and argue the White House Healthcare Tax is not a tax. Lew did a great job spinning the situation until Wallace brought out the big gun… audio of the White House attorney arguing to the Supreme Court

While he was calling in to the Jamie Allman’s “Allman in the Morning” show on 97.1 in St. Louis, Fox News Chris Wallace was pulled over and cuffed because he was talking on his cell phone: Wallace said he was going to get arrested, but in reality, he was probably ticketed at worst: First