An American Civil Liberties Union board member from Colorado has resigned after it was exposed they had called for violence against supporters of GOP candidate Donald Trump on social media. The story broke after staff from the media outlet ‘Daily Caller’ discovered the post on Facebook where board member Loring Wirbel urged others to ‘shoot‘ Trump

A group students at the University of Colorado were forced to cancel an event aimed to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter and students protesting at the University of Missouri. Problem is, the students are white. And apparently white students can organize events calling for racism to end because that would be… racist. This according

Though this latest Environment Protection Agency ‘accident’ is on a much smaller scale than that of the disaster at the Gold King Mine which turned the Colorado Animas River ‘radiant orange,’ the fact remains that they have once again poisoned the same environment they are responsible for protecting. The incident occurred Tuesday as an EPA crew

Liberal readers have scoffed at my repeated warnings about the dangerous prospect of an enemy combatant dump on American soil. Over the years, I’ve flagged the Obama administration’s scouting forays in Illinois, Kansas and South Carolina. Now, the White House is considering my adopted home, Colorado, as the new digs for the dregs of Gitmo.

Ok, I get it… Sometimes you’re in a hurry and need a parking space quick, however, that was not the case caught on video in downtown Denver. The following video depicts a woman using her body as a barricade to reserve a parking space for a male driver as a female in a white Land

Timothy Martinez was hired as the Albuquerque Public School District’s deputy superintendent under the name Jason Martinez in June. While the district waited weeks for Martinez to submit to fingerprinting and procedural background checks, he repeatedly dodged the requests before abruptly quitting citing personal reasons. Horrifyingly, after Martinez resigned on August 20th, the district quickly realized why

Internal Environmental Protection Agency documents released late Friday show that not only were the agency’s managers fully aware of the catastrophic risks associated with attempting to ‘cleanup’ the Gold King Mine, but that the EPA blatantly disregarded those risks and sent contractors digging anyway. In what appears to be a clear and deliberate attempt to force

Monday afternoon on MSNBC’s Live with Thomas Roberts, Tony Dokoupil an environmental hack-job reporter made a sickening attempt to defend the Environmental Protection Agency’s outright negligence while discussing the disastrous Colorado Animas River spill. ***For those unfamiliar with the spill, click here to read our most recent report. Chalking up the over three million gallon toxic

The toxic wastewater spill trigger by the EPA near Durango, CO is sizing up to be one of the single largest environmental disasters in recent years. Sunday evening, officials from the Environmental Protection Agency admitted the magnitude of this government created disaster was far larger than the agency had previously claimed, three times larger in fact. Instead

Passengers on Delta Airlines flight 1889 from Boston to Salt Lake City were horrified as their flight found itself caught in the center of a powerful storm. As 1889 flew through a powerful thunderstorm in Nebraska, the plane was reportedly tossed around like a toy by forceful rain and hail. After the plane was struck by lightning