Donald Trump (Parent entity of polled its members on Wednesday, December 16th with 8,245 members responding. Grassfire’s membership (more than 1,000,000 strong) is largely self-identified as conservative with a majority intending to vote in the GOP primary. The poll results tell us several things about the conservative base and where they stand on the candidates.

Tuesday evening during CNN’s second Republican undercard debate, Rick Santorum made a surprising move to jump to the defense of rival GOP candidate Donald Trump and his controversial proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration. While making it clear that he does not agree with Trump’s proposal, he explained that the Donald makes a valid point about those being

An American Civil Liberties Union board member from Colorado has resigned after it was exposed they had called for violence against supporters of GOP candidate Donald Trump on social media. The story broke after staff from the media outlet ‘Daily Caller’ discovered the post on Facebook where board member Loring Wirbel urged others to ‘shoot‘ Trump

The White House, which is running a blatantly unconstitutional regime, is now attempting to vet potential successors to the Oval Office, and yet again take out opposition leaders. First, Obama said that Assad lost all legitimacy, and should step down, and partnered with al Qaeda and ISIS to back up his opinions. Now, Obama’s press

While the mainstream media continues their full blown assault on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump following recent comments on the threat of Islamic extremism, a new poll run MSNBC shows that the overwhelming majority of minority individuals asked agree with the candidate’s proposed moratorium on Muslim Immigration. According to the poll, of those asked whether or

An African muslim migrant by the name of Ebou Bah is so incensed over Trump’s call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the US: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” That he has

While the media continues to debate whether or not Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about Islam in the U.S. will negatively impact his campaign, it would appear that this burning question has already been answered. According to the SeacoastOnline, the New England Police Benevolent Association is scheduled to host the controversial candidate as

May I remind John sKerry that it is existing federal law (8 USC) that anyone associated with the Nazi Party and the Holocaust, despite the passage of time, is permanently ineligible to enter the United States. May I also remind John sKerry that one’s political affiliation is, just like their religious affiliation, a voluntary matter. And may I further remind John sKerry, along

Following GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s recent comments in regards to steps he as president would take to prevent Islamic terror in the U.S., the left is once again up in arms. For those unfamiliar with Trump most recent controversial comments here is a brief recap: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown

Whether you love Trump or hate him, it is an undeniable fact that he knows exactly how to steal the spotlight in more ways than one… While I know many of us would prefer the candidates stick to discussing the momental list of issues our great nation faces, we can still appreciate a well executed