Authorities in Norway are on alert over the possibility of Jihadists attempting infiltrate the EU while impersonating the persona of refugees fleeing violence in Islamic countries. According to reports, authorities became highly concerned after searching the luggage and belongings of refugees only to find “hundreds” of examples of “photos and videos of executions and brutal punishments, such

An islamic hijrah exodus of quranical proportions coming soon to a neighborhood near you? “The great replacement” rapidly changing the face of enlightened Europe. Islamic invasion of Europe 101: “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations” 3,199,859 views and counting since upload date of Nov. 9, 2015. H/T Breitbart RELATED POSTS: They

A Polish physics teacher has apologized for an assignment given to students back in September after receiving criticism over one of its questions. According to reports, the teacher Grzegorz Nowik stated he never meant to offend anyone but instead was attempting to make the assignment less boring by adding the question with a timely reference to

Let me explain what you’re not seeing reported about the European situation right here, right now. There are millions of immigrants coming into the EU.  Germany alone has apparently taken in close to 800,000.  The story being sold to the population is that these are just people from a war-ravaged part of the world seeking a better life.

Muslim refugees in Slovenian have torched a refugee camp that housed thousands near the Croatian border because they were angry at the camp’s lack of supplies. Makes total sense… Burning the temporary shelter to the ground in an act of ‘protest’ of the lack of supplies and slow processing times, these savages destroyed nearly everything

Many of you have already seen the evidence of how the tidal wave of Muslim refugees is trashing Europe faster than EU members can come up with a plan to deal with the horrific situation and one school in Lübeck, Germany has taken it upon themselves to ask school children to pick up the slack. For those that have

At this point I would like to inform you I am currently banging my head on my desk… Jörg Radek, the deputy head of Germany’s police union was recently interview by the newspaper Die Welt and explained that because of growing levels of tension between Muslims and Christians in Germany’s refugee camps, he believes that Muslims

In a video that originated on the media site Liveleak, Muslim refugees at the Ter Apel camp in the Netherlands are complaining about some of the most absurd and offensive things imaginable. Further proving that they are not truly fleeing for the lives as the mainstream media so adamantly claims, the so-called refugees (all adult

For those that continue to sell the party line that these Muslim refugees are only seeking a better life, think again… Europe is in dire crisis, a crisis in which they have yet to face the consequences of, however, they will face them soon enough. A perfect example of this is an incident that has just

UPDATE: This story was written in September of 2016. Yesterday Paris was hit by multiple massive Muslim terrorist attacks by ISIS.  A few days we warned of what was likely coming with the refugee invasion. Thousands of radical Islamic fighters are embedded with refugees flooding into Europe and there is really no way to stop