*Please scroll down for updates. Sorry Ahmed, your credibility has been shattered by the reverse engineering of your (in your own words) “invention“. Taking the guts out of an already existing digital clock commercially produced by Radio Shack and putting them into a briefcase like pencil case does not an invention make. Figuratively speaking, your

Richard ‘Richelle’ Duncan ‘Dee’ McDonald is a scumbag scammer, one that has defrauded the Social Security Administration to the tune of nearly $250,000. Using two different social security numbers McDonald double-down on his/her theft by claiming to be two separate individuals and cashing checks as both. Don’t you think this woman trapped in a man’s body thing

Jason Greenslate drew national attention last year when he went on Fox News and admitted that he’s an able-bodied 29 year-old who’d rather live off food stamps and the generosity of his friends than work a 9-5 job. Last night, he made a live appearance on Sean Hannity’s prime time program and defended his lifestyle

According to National Review, Colorado’s 51 year-old State Health Exchange Director, Christa Ann McClure, is on administrative leave today because state officials found out she’d been “indicted for stealing” in Montana. Ms. McClure’s present suspension comes after she pleaded not guilty in a Montana federal district court for crimes that were allegedly committed in Billings

Today, the office of Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released an incredibly bold 177-page book that outlines billions of dollars in wasteful government spending, subsidies, and needless deductions. Coburn calls the document, Wastebook (WB) 2013.  Below, you’ll find analysis of three Wastebook entries the Liberty News Team thinks you’ll find particularly disgusting. All pagination references are

Republican Mark Obenshain is sure to contest the State Board of Elections (SBE) decision making Democrat Mark Herring Virginia’s new Attorney General-Elect, reports The Washington Post. Herring’s 165 certified vote lead over Obenshain officially makes this year’s contest the closest statewide election in the history of the Commonwealth. Despite the unanimous certification, SBE Chairman, Charles

Today, Fox News is reporting on a new trend among some Welfare Recipients – selling food stamps online for cash using Craigslist! The image pictured above comes from an Atlanta, GA neighborhood where one food stamp seller declares: “I have $500 worth and it costs $350 cash.  No I will not do half!…I don’t need

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) thinks the entire “IRS culture” is plagued with “systemic” corruption.  He says the only solution is to simply, “start over”! In an epic take-down, the South Carolina conservative ripped the IRS’ Inspector General to shreds in a video released by The Center for Western Journalism today. Listen to Gowdy choke back

Former Congressman, Jesse Jackson, Jr., has been convicted of embezzling $750,000.00 of federal campaign funds yesterday. Mr. Jackson will still receive more than $141,000.00 of annual federal benefits despite his fraud conviction, reports Chicago’s Channel 7 News. Since medical professionals have determined that Mr. Jackson is bipolar, he is eligible for $8,700.00 a month in

You probably know the President is vacationing in Massachusetts this week, but, are you aware that his dog, Bo, got a private U.S. Marine Corps airlift to meet the Obamas at Martha’s Vineyard! Bo the Dog flew separately from the Obama Family and began his holiday like a conquering hero disembarking his very own MV-22