hoax bomb

Muslims suing for millions… What a novel concept… Clearly unsatisfied with their 15 minutes of fame and global anti-Islamophobia world tour, the Mohamed family is once again making headlines, this time over their demand for millions of dollars in “damages” and an apology from the city of Irving, Texas. This latest ‘Clockmed’ development broke after the

On second thought, maybe it won’t. Around 9:45 am yesterday a bomb threat was called in to Ahmed Mohamed‘s former high school; MacArthur HS in Irving Texas. MacArthur is the school, Ahmed was attending when he decided to engage in his ‘look at my cool reassembled non-invention “invention” hoax clock briefcase bomb’ stunt. Heh, maybe

Who knew George Mason university was such a hot bed of islamooooophobia? Certainly not I. Watch a diverse group of George Mason students tell MRCTV’s Dan that they think Ahmed Mohamed’s digital briefcase clock looks like a …BOMB. Free thinkers at an American university how refreshing! The students are not islamophobic, they are bombophobic. Let’s

An explosive personal revelation. Ahmed’s older sister Eyman Mohamed dropped a jaw dropping conversational bomb while speaking to The Daily Beast, in which she recalled how she once was suspended for an incident kinda, sorta similar to her brother Ahmed’s. Eyman denied culpability of wanting “to blow up the school” during her first year in

In 2001 (pre-9/11) a gifted (non-muslim) 9 year old student by the name of Jason Anagnos was arrested, charged and convicted for having brought a fake bomb along on his gifted-and-talented class field trip. The so-called bomb consisted of duck and soy sauce leftover from his family’s Chinese dinner which he wrapped in tissue paper.

*Please scroll down for updates. Sorry Ahmed, your credibility has been shattered by the reverse engineering of your (in your own words) “invention“. Taking the guts out of an already existing digital clock commercially produced by Radio Shack and putting them into a briefcase like pencil case does not an invention make. Figuratively speaking, your