Hurricane Sandy

This is an update on “Churches Ineligible for FEMA Assistance” . The House overwhelmingly approved a bill on Wednesday that will allow houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Sandy to receive federal disaster aid from FEMA. The vote was 354-72 in favor of the bill which now goes to the Senate. The measure was co-written

Last week I wrote about how Congress is working on a Hurricane Sandy relief bill that could top out at $80 billion with nary a soul very concerned about how to pay for it. It turns out there are several good reasons our representatives in Washington aren’t in a hurry to find any spending offsets.

After last night’s Hurricane Sandy relief concert, which raised $30 million from ticket sales alone, you may be wondering how the relief effort is coming along. Well, thanks to the American taxpayer, not too badly at all, at least from a financial point of view. Congress is set to drop as much as $80 billion

With apologies to economist Milton Friedman who popularized the phrase by using it as the title of a 1975 book, apparently now there is such a thing as a “free lunch.”  

I can’t help but wonder if this will be just another excuse the President will use for why he’s as good at turning around the economy as the Captain of the Titanic was at playing chicken with an iceberg. Superstorm Sandy likely put a dent in U.S. employment growth in November, temporarily interrupting a recently

Heckuva job, Barry! Many New Yorkers likely think Craig Fugate, who runs the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is doing a “heckuva job.” But he may have some explaining to do after FEMA disaster centers in several sections of New York City suddenly closed up shop Wednesday. Another storm — a dreaded nor’easter — is on

That Michael Bloomberg is a real piece of work, isn’t he? Maybe it’s not fair to say that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has become so much like a crazed Roman Emperor that he’s going to put his horse on the city council, but he does have the whole “give them bread and circuses” thing down

I’d suggest Governor Christie get to the bottom of this, instead of making kissy-faces at President Obama. If these utility crews were turned away after coming almost 900 miles because of some stupid rule in place to coddle a labor union, he has a lot of explaining to do. SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY (WAFF) –

Eerie: Hurricane turned Superstorm Sandy toppled a majestic old oak on the Upper Green, which is just outside New Haven, CT, and intertwined in the dirt and roots was a human skeleton. Police were called, as was the state medical examiner. But there was no horror story to be told. The very old bones likely

Mark Knoller of CBS tweeted this out yesterday: On AF-1, Jay Carney said “this is not a time for politics.” He said pres focused on ensuring federal response to storm is “comprehensive.” — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 29, 2012   It seems the Romney campaign agrees. I got this in my email: (Click to embiggen)