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I have been unable to confirm if Medina is an illegal alien but the fact that St. Paul, Minnesota is a sanctuary city and the failure of the press to mention his citizenship status referring to him only as “man”, the odds are he is an illegal. Omission is admission, more often then not.. On

I once was a fan of South Park’s twisted irreverent humor…then I grew up. Raping a public figure to death, who does that? Sick, sick, sick. One does not have to be a ‘Trumpeter’ to recognize South Park’s latest episode titled; “Where My Country Gone” as a disturbingly vicious attack on Trump simply based on

Because only ‘anchor babies’ and ‘dreamers’ lives matter. Jose Andres-Jose allegedly raped the child in Pennsylvania then fled to North Carolina where authorities caught up with him. The 3rd world savage had been going under the assumed name of Luis Rodriguez. He is being held on a $9.5 MILLION bond, so I’m assuming they are

Thanks to a Santa Barbara judge slapping Victor Ramirez on the wrist after having violated his probation –TWICE , and ICE declining to issue an immigration detainer, Ramirez was free to brutally rape and bludgeon a 64 year old American woman (with a hammer!) in her home. (Fox) –One of two men charged in connection with

The truth be damned. ORLANDO, Florida (AP) — Jeb Bush implored his Republican presidential rivals Monday to reject the “crazy message of hate” that he sees at play in the campaign and cast himself as a “committed conservative,” but not an “angry” one, in remarks rooted in Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and the backlash that

Violent illegal alien crime is just a figment of our imagination, right Chuckie? (ABC 7) SANTA CLARITA, Calif. –An immigrant in the country illegally who is a registered sex offender is charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl after being freed on bond by the judge overseeing his deportation proceedings, authorities said Tuesday. Keane Dean,

The National Council of La Raza:”For the Race, everything. For those outside the Race, nothing.” “Of course his La Raza audience cheered his every word… “The answer to me in solving the immigration problem is just focus on what it means to be an American and that’s the key to the problem. An American is

Another preventable death if ICE had done it’s JOB. Instead another young woman was brutally murdered by an illegal alien ICE had failed to deport, leaving blood not only on her murderer’s hands but theirs as well. They had him in custody and should have deported him, yet they released him back onto the streets.

During an interview with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Jamiel Shaw Sr. discussed the pain of losing a loved at the hands of an lawless illegal alien, something his family knows all too well. Shaw whose 17 year old son Jamiel Shaw Jr. was brutally murdered by known 23 year old gang-member Pedro Espinoza for

Hey Jeb, is this one of those “acts of love” of which you speak? (MLive) –MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – An Indiana resident called an “illegal immigrant” on court documents has been charged with sexually groping two 17-year-old girls on the Fourth of July in a Michigan’s Adventure wave pool. Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez, 29, of Middlebury, Indiana,