Illegal Immigration

Bernie Sanders has released a plan to bring back deported illegal immigrants. Sanders’ plan would allow the deported to return to the United States immediately if they have relatives within the states. Sanders’ plan is an attack from the far left on his fellow DNC candidates. Sanders’ goal will be to upset the moderate democrats

The pro-amnesty political action committee Deport Racism has released a disturbing anti-Donald Trump ad featuring ‘anchor babies‘ blasting the Republican Presidential Candidate in an incredibly vulgar manner. Release on the website the video shows Barack Obama’s best and brightest dreamers arguing against deportation in an articulate fashion. Here is an example: ¡Hola, Donald Trump! Screaming, “get

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is demanding that the network NBC cancel Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s appearance on the comedy show Saturday Night Live over the comments he has made against illegal immigration. Condemning both the network and Trump, the CHC has stated that “Mr. Trump’s racist remarks and his continued rhetoric demonizing Latinos and

A nation without sovereignty is not a nation at all. And as our economy, collapsing culture and political chaos shows, massive invasions of illegal immigrants ultimately begin hurting everyone involved. It’s true, after all, that a host will eventually collapse under the weight of a parasite when the parasite has fully consumed the host. In that

I once was a fan of South Park’s twisted irreverent humor…then I grew up. Raping a public figure to death, who does that? Sick, sick, sick. One does not have to be a ‘Trumpeter’ to recognize South Park’s latest episode titled; “Where My Country Gone” as a disturbingly vicious attack on Trump simply based on

On a call with Alabama Republicans Thursday, Donald Trump gave further insight to his proposed immigration policy answering questions that arose after releasing his six-page policy in August. On the call, Trump explained that he is serious about taking action to address the nation’s illegal immigration crisis and that under the Trump presidency he estimates

Give ‘U.S.’ your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to steal our jobs…and send the money they earn back to their homeland. Illegal aliens/foreign born workers doing the jobs Americans won’t do. Illegal aliens/foreign born workers doing the jobs Americans would do if they weren’t stolen out from under them. Reality bites –HARD. Via

Monday Donald Trump released a new video on Instagram throwing a direct punch at Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Mocking Bush’s claim that illegal immigration is an ‘act of love’ committed by the trespasser, Trump reminders the viewer of exactly what type of acts are actually being committed by illegals. With Bush’s words playing in the

Monday evening, while appearing on CNN Jorge Ramos of Univision accused Donald Trump of “spreading hate” towards illegal immigrants because he believes that the United States-Mexico border should be secured. During his segment, Ramos blasted the Donald stating that his proposed immigration policies were completely “wrong,” adding that Trump is attempting to sell nothing but “empty

While speaking about illegal immigration Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush decided that that since he believes the term ‘anchor baby’ is not offensive, it would be a good idea to suggest that rival candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are anchor babies themselves… Wow Jeb, really? In his not so subtle diss towards Rubio and