“Welcome to President Obama’s 21st century transformation of the institution of policing.” (Fox Insider) –Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. reacted on “Hannity” tonight to the surge of violence in Baltimore and the installation of a plaque memorializing Michael Brown in Ferguson. The bloodshed in Baltimore worsened over the Memorial Day weekend, with 32 reported

Update to this story. Ferguson, Missouri; lowering standards and setting dubious examples for urban youth across the land. How magnanimous of them! If MB Jr had succeeded in his attempt to kill Darren Wilson the INNOCENT…what? A statue?? Moving along…the Mike Thug Brown fan club decided it would be a great idea to stuff rain

An organization called the ‘Joint Council on Policy and Social Impact’ has made an outrageous request for a permanent street marker to be embedded on the site where Mike Brown met his maker and a historical roadside marker erected in his memory to be placed on the corner of W. Florissant and Canfield Drive. In

The official White House photo above was taken by Pete Souza during George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s joint visit to Johannesburg, South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Tell us what you think is happening in the scene above.  Give us your best caption that fits the moment shown in the photo.  

Mysteriously, a fake sign language interpreter managed share the stage with major international leaders under the guise of “signing” Barack Obama’s Nelson Mandela Memorial speech, reports USA Today. Bruno Druchen, National Director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa, says the man who was on stage with the American President wasn’t signing – he was

Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama attended the funeral of anti-Apartheid leader, former Communist South African President, Nelson Mandela (though he, and every elected Democrat, skipped the funeral of the Conservative Titan, the Late Former British Prime Minister, Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher.) During the national memorial service, several reporters shot some rather disturbing images of the President

Yesterday, vets from all around the country converged on D.C. to demonstrate against Barack Hussein Obama’s continued contempt for America’s veterans. Some veterans even ripped up barricades wrongfully placed around the privately-funded WWII memorial and dropped them off at the white House. Watch these armed police clash with irate military veterans outside the White House

This will be the most shameful 34 seconds of video footage you’ll see today.  Check out arch-liberal, Bill Maher, calling WWII veterans stupid. As Tom Hanks throws his support behind the vets, Maher says, “Nobody ever called them the brightest generation.” As you watch this clip, remember that Maher is openly mocking men who risked

This week, National Park Service agents barricaded the WWII Memorial in the capitol because it was wrongfully ordered closed during the government shutdown.  Hundreds of vets stormed the gates. Today, Tom Hanks, the producer of pro-veteran films and series like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, and The Pacific, threw his support behind the vets!

Hundreds of veterans are again storming federal blockades at the WWII memorial today, reports The Washington Examiner. Check out these two Congressmen arguing with a park service worker about her poor treatment of veterans from The Greatest Generation. Two congressmen begin arguing with park officials about gates — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) October 2, 2013