Let’s admitted it, love him or hate him… Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is a marketing genius that knows exactly how to turn lemons into lemonade. Just as Trump stole the spotlight from Democrat’s at the DNC debate by live-tweeting his thoughts on twitter, he has announced that he will be at it again Sunday evening during

This while Christians across the nation are focused to choose between their faith or employment on a regular basis… The Obama Administration has once again publicly sided with the followers of Sharia Law after two Muslim truck drivers were terminated for refusing to do their jobs. The drivers, (both ‘former’ Somali refugees) Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim

Before we get to the Pentagon’s announcement, we have included a pertinent quote from the divider in chief in September of 2014 on Iraq… “As your commander in chief, I will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in Iraq. After a decade of massive ground deployments it

Thursday, thanks to Obama lackeys in the senate, GOP efforts to stop the Iranian nuclear deal were effectively blocked giving the Obama Regime the assurance needed to pull off a historic act of treason. Though Republican lawsuit makers vow to fight the deal to the very end with lawsuits, the damage is already done and it appears

Scary thought, right? Well, an Obama/Biden ticket could be in the future again for the highly anticipated 2016 election. But not in the way you think. What about First Lady Michelle Obama front and center against Hillary Clinton? Now, how’s that for a curveball? Obama was the unspoken dark horse in the 2008 election. He was

Friday during a speech at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker dropped a bombshell on the Obama administration by disclosing that FBI is investigating Islamic State elements in all 50 states. While discussing his plans on foreign policy, Walker blasted the administration’s handling of Islamic extremism as well as how they have

I guess this village doesn’t want their idiot back… During Obama’s historic trip to Kenya, president Uhuru Kenyatta made it well known that the gay rights conversation was off the table and that he had zero interest in discussing the matter. Publicly rejecting Obama’s plea for the African nation to prioritize gay rights before he could

Anyone familiar with ‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell will tell you that he is not a man that minces words. In an epic response to Barack Obama’s sickening actions (or inaction) since the Chattanooga shooting, Luttrell has issued a brutal statement in a fashion that only a Retired Navy SEAL could. Taking to Facebook, Luttrell scorched the

Donald Trump called into the Fox News show the O’Reilly Factor Thursday to discuss the Islamic terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee which left four Marines dead. While speaking to host Bill O’Reilly, Trump slammed Obama’s response to the attack raising the question many of already ask, why does Obama refuse to call Islamic terror what

Reportedly, another wonderful gem included in Obama’s ‘Deal’ with Iran is that the United States will provide the terrorist sympathizing nation special “training courses and workshops” on how to protect their nuclear facilities and systems.  No joke, the training will focus on strengthening Iran’s ability to “prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to