I am sure Barack Obama will call this incident a misunderstanding caused by racism on the school’s part… A 16 year-old Pennsylvania student by the name of Imani Knight-Brantley has been arrested after dousing gasoline on a school security guard and then attempting to set him on fire. The disturbing incident occurred Monday and was deliberate retaliation for

West Penn Township Police Sergeant Melissa Ruch saw a stranded motorist and pulled over to assist them. As Ruch exited her patrol car and approached the presumably disabled vehicle, a large Hispanic male came around from behind and subsequently assaulted the female sergeant seeking to give assistance. Not only did this piece of subhuman garbage

A Pennsylvania judge stood their ground after a muslim women refused to swear her oath on the ‘Holy Bible.’ When the woman demanded to have a ‘Quran’ used instead of the Bible during a custody hearing in Philadelphia County, the presiding judge simply read Title 42 Sec. 5901 of the PA Consolidated Statutes.  “Every witness, before giving any testimony shall

A Pennsylvania School District is under fire after an unnamed staff member at Monessen Middle School gave students a word search puzzle with vocabulary from the erotic novel turned film “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Some of the highly inappropriate words featured on the puzzle included Bondage, Submissive, Handcuffs, Intercourse, Spanking, etc. The situation came to

What New York loses, Pennsylvania gains…more jobs. Kahr Firearms Group, a gun manufacturer in downstate New York, has chosen to pick up and move its headquarters to a 620-acre plot in Pike County, in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania. Originally, the company had discussed expanding in New York, Sheryl Gallup, Kahr Spokeswoman, says. What made

Yesterday, Pennsylvania became the 28th state to refuse to build its own Obamacare health exchange. What interested me about Governor Tom Corbett’s decision, though, was not that he made it but why. Gov. Corbett said the Obama administration did not until this week provide answers to questions about the “costs, impacts and flexibility” that he

I guess polling locations that are run by liberals are exempt from electioneering laws. Especially those in Pennsylvania and Florida. A poster featuring President Obama that read “Change the Atmosphere” was reported to be hanging on a wall at a Florida, polling station. Of course, this could be viewed by some as a pro-Romney poster. But

This piece of news is fascinating. Mitt Romney plans to campaign in Pennsylvania this weekend, the clearest indicator yet that the Republican nominee believes he can snatch the state and its 20 electoral votes from President Obama. Two campaign officials confirmed that Romney would stop in the Philadelphia area on Sunday amid a cross-country tour

We’ve looked deep into the data for Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania this week. On Tuesday our data suggested a big shift in favor of Romney in Virginia. We wanted to make a change in our projection at the time but waited to see what kind of information our sources would provide by the end of

There is a ton of data to look at, but I want to make two things abundantly clear before we get in to the guts of what’s going on across the political landscape today. First, while the information I am about to share provides much room for optimism within the right, I ask that conservatives use caution