Prop 8

UPDATE: Eich has reportedly resigned from his post as CEO due to the LGBT community’s discrimination of his personal views.  Brendan Eich is the brand new CEO of the popular internet web browser, Mozilla. Since he’s a Conservative who donated $1,000.00 to a traditional marriage group in CA, CBS thought it was newsworthy to attack

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has just announced that they are refusing to define marriage in the Hollingsworth vs. Perry Prop 8 gay marriage case. Today’s 5-4 decision represents a very strange consensus alliance among liberals and conservatives on both sides of the Court. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion

Staying true to his libertarian beliefs, Clint Eastwood is the highest profile Republican to sign on: Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has joined the ranks of about 130 conservatives that have called on the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a law that bans same-sex marriage in California. Mr. Eastwood signed the amici curiae — friend of the Court — brief, asking the high court to