Knowing this I believe it is safe to say that Good Samaritan Peter Gold saved the woman from not just being kidnapped but from being raped. The good news is the perp; Euric Cain has been arrested. I bet Gold didn’t get a call from Obama praising his unflinching heroism (at the risk of his

I have been unable to confirm if Medina is an illegal alien but the fact that St. Paul, Minnesota is a sanctuary city and the failure of the press to mention his citizenship status referring to him only as “man”, the odds are he is an illegal. Omission is admission, more often then not.. On

Abdulrahman Ali, a Somalian immigrant who move to the United States four years ago is being accused of crimes so heinous it will truly leave you seeing red. According to reports, Ali is being accused of the kidnap and rape of an unidentified Mapleton gas station clerk and now faces a one million dollar bond

And the mainstream media sought to crucify Donald Trump for speaking the truth about exactly what is coming across the border… Authorities in Louisiana have arrested 28 year old Gerson Rodriguez in connection to the rape of a 4 year old Jefferson Parish area child. While local media has released few details on the horrific crime, reports indict that Rodriguez was apprehended

The irreverent, outspoken Pat Condell on the European Union’s proxy war on European women. “The European Union is breaking the law to import a violent misogynistic rape culture into Europe that directly threatens the safety of women and violates their human rights.” — Pat Condell

If you think that pedophiles and perverts will not take advantage of gender neutral bathrooms you would be dead wrong. As recent as last month (September 2015) two women were victims of cell phone video voyeurs (they were filmed while showering) at the University of Toronto, in response *gasp* the university moved to cut back

I once was a fan of South Park’s twisted irreverent humor…then I grew up. Raping a public figure to death, who does that? Sick, sick, sick. One does not have to be a ‘Trumpeter’ to recognize South Park’s latest episode titled; “Where My Country Gone” as a disturbingly vicious attack on Trump simply based on

This is not a “humanitarian crisis” for anyone other than those about to be victimized by these filthy savages hell-bent on destroying Western Civilianization. As we all knew was only a matter of time, these so-called refugees are beginning to victimize innocent civilians within the areas the are now occupying. As the mainstream media continues

Because only ‘anchor babies’ and ‘dreamers’ lives matter. Jose Andres-Jose allegedly raped the child in Pennsylvania then fled to North Carolina where authorities caught up with him. The 3rd world savage had been going under the assumed name of Luis Rodriguez. He is being held on a $9.5 MILLION bond, so I’m assuming they are

Thanks to a Santa Barbara judge slapping Victor Ramirez on the wrist after having violated his probation –TWICE , and ICE declining to issue an immigration detainer, Ramirez was free to brutally rape and bludgeon a 64 year old American woman (with a hammer!) in her home. (Fox) –One of two men charged in connection with