refugee crisis

A Polish physics teacher has apologized for an assignment given to students back in September after receiving criticism over one of its questions. According to reports, the teacher Grzegorz Nowik stated he never meant to offend anyone but instead was attempting to make the assignment less boring by adding the question with a timely reference to

The skeletal remains of a canary has been found in the continental coal mine of Europe. The orchestrated islamic INVASION of Europe is advancing at warp speed. If these shocking videos are any indication Europe is on the road to becoming the next islamic caliphate. Barring a victorious uprising of sovereign citizens against the ‘islamic

What fresh Dystopian hell is this? Who needs forced sensitivity training when brain dead sheep line up (volunteer) to have their minds erased with magnets? The devil is in the diabolical details… Using a technique called “transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)” scientists “disrupted” the ‘posterior medial frontal cortex’ section of the brain which detects and responds to

The irreverent, outspoken Pat Condell on the European Union’s proxy war on European women. “The European Union is breaking the law to import a violent misogynistic rape culture into Europe that directly threatens the safety of women and violates their human rights.” — Pat Condell

At this point I would like to inform you I am currently banging my head on my desk… Jörg Radek, the deputy head of Germany’s police union was recently interview by the newspaper Die Welt and explained that because of growing levels of tension between Muslims and Christians in Germany’s refugee camps, he believes that Muslims

When addressing Parliament on the current mass influx of  illegal immigrants into Europe on Monday, (September 21, 2015) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban displayed an impressive amount of testicular fortitude. He, unlike many of his European counterparts has not muzzled himself by truth crushing political correctness. Telling it like it is. Hungarian PM Orban not

For those that continue to sell the party line that these Muslim refugees are only seeking a better life, think again… Europe is in dire crisis, a crisis in which they have yet to face the consequences of, however, they will face them soon enough. A perfect example of this is an incident that has just

The weight of the Syrian migrant crisis, flooding Europe in recent weeks, has been testing its humanitarian limits. With more than one million refugees believed to be headed for Germany borders, its leaders are cracking down with strict new border controls that some see as harkening back to a more, well, authoritarian time. AFP reports:

Using the photo of a deceased 3 year old refugee to fuel his agenda, Senator John McCain has been demanding the United States Government to take in more Syrian refugees despite the fact there is no way to properly vet these individuals.   Completely ignoring the fact that Alan Kurdi’s family was not fleeing violence as

It would appear the good people of Europe have had enough of this humanitarian crisis… Signs stating messages such as “GO HOME” and “Islam will be the Death of Europe” filled three European capitals Saturday as citizens of the EU organized mass demonstrations against the tidal wave of Muslim refugees drowning their countries. As Europe