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Back in 2011 we facetiously noted that innocent Americans were being added to terror watchlists and No-Fly lists at an alarming pace. So much so, we opined, that by 2020 every person in the United States would be deemed a terrorist and that the entire world would be on a government watchlist by 2025. We

Once again Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has gone straight for Obama throat, this time destroying the left’s demand for ‘common sense’ gun legislation in the process. Being the voice of reason in the gun-control debate, Sheriff Clarke has stated the facts the Obama Administration doesn’t want the country to know specifically those in the African-American

Following recent mass shootings such as Charleston, South Carolina and Roseburg, Oregon gun-grabbers are once again fighting with a renewed effort to disarm the American public. As Democrats such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attempt to use these senseless tragedies as a means for political gain while ignoring the facts, the truth is undeniable…

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has teamed up with the National Rifle Association to place the BlackLivesMatter movement on notice. In the recent tv spot for the NRA, Sheriff Clarke took anti-law enforcement rhetoric head-on, declaring that oath keepers such as himself will never cower to violent criminals nor will they ever backdown from their sworn duty

The Rocky Mount United Methodist Church has just done something relatively unheard of, opening a shooting range “in the name of Jesus Christ.” The church’s Pastor, Phillip Guin explained that Rocky Mount United Methodist is seeking to reach out to the community in a unique way to both spread God’s word and promote firearms safety. Focusing on the

Cody Wilson had a vision, a vision so revolutionary that he to drop out of law school and is now willing risk his freedom to defend it… For those who have not heard of Wilson, his vision is the Wiki Weapons Project which has turned the federal government’s world upside down. The Wiki Weapons Project (also

While interviewing with, Ted Cruz destroys the argument of public opinion versus the Second Amendment beautifully… “When it comes to Constitutional rights, what matters is what the Bill of Rights says. It doesn’t matter what might be popular at the moment,” Cruz states. Cruz continued on to school gun-grabbers while making his stance on the

Wednesday, United States District Court Judge Reed O’Connor ruled that the Lyndon Johnson era federal interstate handgun sales ban was unconstitutional and violates both the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment’s due process clause. As reported by the Firearms Policy Coalition, the court stated: “[t]o prevail on a facial challenge, Plaintiffs must show that either no set

Republican leaders in Colorado are not taking recent gun control legislation laying down, they are taking a stand and ready to fight. This intense political battle comes as Republican leaders began to push for the repeal of the recent gun control legislation Monday. So what exactly does the GOP in have in mind? Well for

Leland Yee is a Liberal CA State Senator with a long history of opposing legislation that favors the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Now, it seems the Democrat’s politics are ironically hypocritical this week, since he’s been arrested by the FBI for allegedly providing illegal arms to real criminals for cash, reports Forbes Magazine. The