As Obama’s Sequester decimates U.S. Naval combat readiness, the federal government located $77,795.00 to find out if climate change destroyed the Mayan Civilization more than 2000 years ago! Sweet – that’s been bothering so many for so long. The cash is being doled out from the federally subsidized National Science Foundation to researchers at Boston

You probably know the President is vacationing in Massachusetts this week, but, are you aware that his dog, Bo, got a private U.S. Marine Corps airlift to meet the Obamas at Martha’s Vineyard! Bo the Dog flew separately from the Obama Family and began his holiday like a conquering hero disembarking his very own MV-22

President Obama found $7 billion to “Power Africa,” but the Air Force has to deactivate the program that monitors space for debris that could damage satellites, injure humans, or, of course…destroy the planet! Gen. William Shelton, Head of Air Force Space Command, says all military space surveillance posts must be vacated by October 1, 2013,

Since the present has become a remarkably uncomfortable place for President Barack Hussein Obama, he has decided to go back to the future! This week, Barack Obama visited several colleges peddling hope and change! The President told Knox College students that he “cut the deficit in half” since taking office, according to The Heritage Foundation.

As the U.S. military faces Sequestration budget cuts of another $500,000,000,000, the U.S. Navy is facing a sharp decline in combat readiness. In this Liberty News Exclusive, Admiral Jonathan Greenert shares his fears regarding the Navy’s inability to project the kind of surge power it once could prior to President Obama’s budget cuts and Congress’

It’s no secret that Sequestration has stripped many Defense Department civilian employees of 20 percent of their pay, making it even more difficult to pay their bills. What you may not know: Sequestration is directly affecting the combat readiness of the United States military. Check out the Liberty News Exclusive video of Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA)

With the sequester’s massively induced budget cuts thousands of military families are being affected. This summer many on-base pools and water parks will be closed or have reduced hours. James Baker a military spokesman said that by reducing hours and closing some water parks and pools the military is expected to save around $2.3 million, reports

Six months after President Obama’s second Inauguration,  it looks like he is already in desperate need of some time away from the White House. Obama is planning a family excursion to the three Sub-Saharan African nations from June 26 to July 3. The Washington Post estimates that The First Family’s escapade will cost American taxpayers’ 60-100

If you thought the federally funded IRS Star Trek Spoof was bad, check out what else your tax dollars paid for… Obama’s Social Security Administration hired the homosexual activist, George Takei, who played the Enterprise’s helmsman in Star Trek: The Original Series, to participate in this series of official government promotional videos: While Sequestration has grounded

Representative Nancy Pelosi once again steps before the cameras and opens her mouth while disengaging her brain. In the two minutes, she completely glosses over at least two critical and important points. A simple reminder for the Representative, the Sequestration is a federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on August 2, 2011.