With the April 15th tax deadline approaching, many American’s are still scrambling to get ready to file their returns and identify any possible deductions. But have no fear has exposed one truly unthinkable deduction… Abortion. While medical expenses associated with a stillborn baby are not an eligible tax-deduction, murdering a your unborn child is. Sadly this

Friday, the Obama administration announced that approximately 800,000 Obama Care subscribers have received inaccurate tax information and is now urging these individual to delay filing their 2014 taxes. This announcement comes as Covered California faces similar issue affecting nearly 100,000 or 1 in 8 of their subscribers. Via Fox News The tax error disclosed Friday is a

The list of “freebies” and benefits to those that have entered this country illegally seems to grow by the minute under the Obama administration. In yet another effort to reward those who have broken the law, the IRS has just announced they will be giving individuals that have been working in the U.S. illegally extra tax returns if

Thursday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen warned that individuals may experience delays in receiving their tax returns next year as the agency tries to find ways to cut costs. The IRS claims they simply do not have the funding to facilitate processing the returns as quickly as normal due to budget cuts. Via FOX News The

According to yesterday’s edition of The Washington Post, an internal IRS review revealed that between October 2010 and December 2012, the agency paid over $2.8 million to roughly 2,800 workers with known conduct and integrity issues. Recently, Treasury Inspector General (IG) for Tax Administration, Russell George, admitted that IRS leaders paid bonuses to individuals who were:

President Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, the Vacationer-in-Chief…and now, the Usurper-in-Chief. Once again, Obama is prepared to usurp congressional authority and issue an executive order, if Congress refuses to cooperate with his agenda to raise taxes! Barack Obama has made up another brand new federal tax – this time, the President wants to tax your cell phone

Well well Liberal America, who loves Apple and their products so much, how do you justify this? Apple Inc. (AAPL) has set up corporate structures that have allowed it to pay little or no corporate tax — in any country — on much of its overseas income, according to the findings of a U.S. Senate examination released Monday evening.

Marketplace Fairness Act. Officially, S. 743 (Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013), and Measure Titled: “A bill to restore States’ sovereign rights to enforce State and local sales and use tax laws, and for other purposes.” The bill passed the Senate on May 6, 2013. The bill’s sponsor is Senator Michael Enzi (R-WY). The bill also

He sure is. “We are talking about recovery here all morning, as this city, as this state tries to bounce back from this,” the CNN host said to Frank, a former congressman from that state. “And someone brought up an interesting point that, in some ways, the recovery is based on the response. The response

Milton Friedman weighs in on “fairness” on this 2013 Tax Day.