This political correctness thing is far beyond out of control at this point… Heritage High School Teacher Lynne Pierce has found herself on forced administrative leave after using a racial slur in class but it is far from what you think. What makes this story so outrageous is that Pierce did not simply blurt out

George Zimmerman has posted what just may be the most inflammatory tweets in Twitter’s history. Responding to the WDBJ shooting in which two journalists were murdered live on by air by a mentally ill racist, Zimmerman took a direct shot (and we all know this man has great aim) at Barack Obama. Via IJReview Now,

Thursday, a House subcommittee scrapped yet another attempt by gun grabbers to restrict the rights of gun owners in Virginia. The subcommittee heard tearful arguments by those claiming to be advocates for victims of gun violence and strong rebuttal by those that support the Second Amendment. One of the proposals rejected by the subcommittee on Militia, Police and

Mike Dickinson is a Virginia Democrat who represents himself as a 2014 candidate for Congress, but isn’t actually on the ballot.  According to The Blaze, he’s making big headlines by declaring “war” on Tea Party members this week. Apparently, Mr. Dickinson thinks one of the battles in this war is taking photos of people with

Recent comments by Virginia Democrat, Jim Moran, are likely win him friends among Congressional colleagues, but are just as likely to distance him from those he represents. According to The Washington Free Beacon, Moran told CQ Roll Call that members of Congress are “underpaid” when compared to corporate executives. As you listen to the audio

Yesterday, former Clinton campaign manager, Terry McAuliffe, who narrowly defeated his Republican challenger to become Virginia’s Governor, vetoed his second bill since taking office in January. His first veto crushed pro-Second Amendment legislation; however, his second veto was used to defeat a Republican measure designed to prevent state censorship of National Guard Chaplains’ prayers. According

Late Thursday evening, a single U.S. District Court Judge overruled millions of VA voters by unilaterally declaring the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, reports The NY Times. Judge Arenda L. Wright’s decision is based on her belief that the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriages, including recognition of homosexual marriages performed in other states, violates

Virginia’s new Attorney General, Mark Herring, won a nail-bitingly close state-wide ballot recount just 35 days ago, defeating his Conservative opponent, Mark Obenshain, by 811 votes. Today, he’s announced that he will not defend Virginia’s prohibition on same-sex marriage, reports WTVR News. Mr. Herring believes the ban violates the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment Equal Protection

ABC News reports the DOD has donated 165 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Armored Vehicles to local police across the nation since August! The recent acquisition of an MRAP by municipal law enforcement in Norfolk, VA and the VA/NC border town of Currituck is contributing to the national debate over the militarization of civilian police.

Republican Mark Obenshain is sure to contest the State Board of Elections (SBE) decision making Democrat Mark Herring Virginia’s new Attorney General-Elect, reports The Washington Post. Herring’s 165 certified vote lead over Obenshain officially makes this year’s contest the closest statewide election in the history of the Commonwealth. Despite the unanimous certification, SBE Chairman, Charles