Saturday, a Neenah Police Chief Wilkinson held a press conference updating on a hostage situation that developed at Eagle Nation Cycles leaving at least two individuals wounded. During the conference Chief Wilkinson explained that a SWAT standoff took place after authorities received a 911 call at 8:56 am CST reporting shots fired at Eagle Nation Cycles (208

UPDATE: Second individual taken into custody according to local media: Second person being arrested #fox11 pic.twitter.com/jzFkEpYCNf — Courtney Ryan (@WLUK_Courtney) December 5, 2015 Via RT Journalists at the scene report the suspect negotiated with police for about an hour before being taken into custody. He was reportedly armed with a MAC-10 machine pistol, which was

Want money other people earned without doing anything for it? Well, in Wisconsin you’ll first have to prove you aren’t using it for dope. If you can’t prove it, you’ll be sent to a drug abuse treatment program instead of getting a check or food stamps. This as a result of Governor Scott Walker’s new

The Scott Walker Campaign likely is finding themselves in full-blown crisis response mode following his performance during the last week’s Republican debate. Granted, these are the results of a CNN poll… It still does not look good for Walker. H/T RS Think Walker will be the next candidate to fall out? Let us know in the comment

Are you sick and tired of seeing Planned Parenthood get away with their disgusting and disturbing acts? I know I am. The great state of Wisconsin is acting on its word when it comes to the train-wreck that is Planned Parenthood. On Wednesday, a committee vote will be underway to ban research on aborted fetal

A Wisconsin police officer was attacked Wednesday evening as he stopped after noticing large crowd appearing to fight in street. The incident took place as the Madison Police Officer attempted to stop the fight in the area of Prairie Road and Jacobs Way at approximately 6:20 pm. While responding, the officer witnessed a woman carrying

If your children are stealing from Walmart and getting charged with committing a crime, it’s not because they did something illegal. It’s because Walmart is wasting money with charges of theft and communities are engaged in over-policing. Sounds absurd, right? That’s because it is. But according to the Relations Director for the University of Wisconsin,

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Noelle is joining the LibertyNEWS.com team as a staff writer in September and we’re very happy to have her on board! -EO —- The Wisconsin Badgers… and I’m not talking about football. Me, Walker and Wisconsin; the backstory. There’s a lot that I love about my native state of Wisconsin. I

As approximately 250 motorcycle enthusiasts gathered in Milwaukee, WI Saturday afternoon to participate in the annual Miltown Throwdown ride. During the event, YouTuber Scott Herbst caught a horrifying incident between a fellow rider and a Milwaukee police officer on his GoPro helmet cam. Here is the interaction between riders and Milwaukee PD moments before the shocking incident.

Monday, Wisconsin Governor and 2016 president candidate Scott Walker signed a controversial bill to ban non-emergency abortions from 20 weeks and up unless the pregnancy falls under special circumstances. The bill which includes no exemption for rape or incest past 20 weeks, includes the circumstances in which an ’emergency abortion’ is required after 20 weeks if the