Zero Tolerance

An explosive personal revelation. Ahmed’s older sister Eyman Mohamed dropped a jaw dropping conversational bomb while speaking to The Daily Beast, in which she recalled how she once was suspended for an incident kinda, sorta similar to her brother Ahmed’s. Eyman denied culpability of wanting “to blow up the school” during her first year in

In 2001 (pre-9/11) a gifted (non-muslim) 9 year old student by the name of Jason Anagnos was arrested, charged and convicted for having brought a fake bomb along on his gifted-and-talented class field trip. The so-called bomb consisted of duck and soy sauce leftover from his family’s Chinese dinner which he wrapped in tissue paper.

*Please scroll down for updates. Sorry Ahmed, your credibility has been shattered by the reverse engineering of your (in your own words) “invention“. Taking the guts out of an already existing digital clock commercially produced by Radio Shack and putting them into a briefcase like pencil case does not an invention make. Figuratively speaking, your

I’ll not defend the boy kissing the girl without her knowledge or consent, but assault? Are they serious? If it was merely a quick stolen kiss on the cheek, make the boy apologize and give him detention/in school suspension and move on. She was not injured, embarrassed or grossed out, perhaps (thinking back to how

“Anything readily capable of lethal use or inflicting serious bodily injury” is prohibited. The punishment was downgraded from expulsion to a five day in school suspension with a notation on his permanent record stating that he brought a “self-constructed weapon” to school. The cause for alarm was that Aarin Moody’s foam Nerf Gun ‘bullet’ had

Columbus, Ohio’s Devonshire Alternative Elementary School has zero tolerance policy concerning firearm use and/or possession. According to The Blaze, a zero tolerance also happens to cover lookalike guns, including human fingers pointed in a way that vaguely resembles a pistol’s basic shape. Fifth Grader, Nathan Entingh, was playing with friends at school this week when

Eighth grader Jared Marcum was arrested and suspended from his West Virginia middle school for wearing an NRA t-shirt to class. The 14-year-old will face a $500 fine or up to a year in jail if convicted at his trial on July 11. Marcum said he had no idea why his pro-Second Amendment shirt reading

Children across the nation keep getting in trouble with their schools for carrying harmless toy guns. Some made of plastic, others formed by fingers, and some the size of a quarter. Now, according to a Fox News report, an expert says that schools have become “too strict” with their zero-tolerance policies. “These zero-tolerance policies are

“Zero-tolerance” school gun policies strike again. This time, multiple students were suspended after playing with Nerf guns they say their teacher approved for a probability project. A sixth-grader brought the brightly colored plastic toys to Chase Lake Elementary School for the project last Friday. Before class, the 12-year-old and some of his friends decided to

Has the zero-tolerance gun policy gone too far when targeting a deaf three-year-old boy? Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Grand Island School accused preschooler Hunter Spanjer of violating the zero-gun policy by signing his name with a gesture that resembled a gun. Hunter’s parents say the school has