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Presidential hopefuls Sanders, Clinton in dead heat – Reuters/Ipsos poll

  • Congressman Grills U.S. Iran Deal Chief About Location of Enriched Uranium

    During a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Chris Smith (R., N.J.) questioned the Coordinator for Iran Nuclear Implementation, Ambassador Stephen Mull, over where the enriched uranium that was to be removed from Iran has gone. After Rep. Smith initially asked where the uranium was, Mull responded that he was not sure but that ... The post Congressman Grills U.S. Iran Deal Chief About Location of Enriched Uranium appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Problem Is Hillary Herself, Not Her Staff

    "In politics, good gets better and bad gets worse." […]

  • Washington: Muslim Prisoner Shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Tried to Behead Corrections Officer

    Muslim shouting “Allhu Akbar!” tries to take off correction officer’s head. Officer Terry Breedlove is still hospitalized and experiences difficulty ... The post Washington: Muslim Prisoner Shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Tried to Behead Corrections Officer appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. […]

  • Obama’s Ally In The Mideast Just Turned Against Him In A Big Way

    The current crisis in Russian-Turkish relations is related to Erdogan’s problematic behavior. […]

  • Report: 1st New Poll Out Of South Carolina Shows A Clear Leader- This Will Get Interesting…

    There have been no public polls for over... […]

  • Student senator nixes plan to remove pro-Israel Sabra hummus from campus

    A Grand Valley State University student senator’s attempt to ban Sabra Hummus from campus as a result of the company’s pro-Israel ties has failed because there “might not be room for progression,” per the group’s committee report. Student Senator Jewel Haji stood before the university’s senate on February 4 to announce that she was working with the university to replace the hummus with a dip that has a less politically-charged background after a student reached out to her about the matter. According to Haji in the meeting’s minutes, “schools are banning Sabra Hummus because some of the company owners are supporting Israeli militant groups that are violating human rights and are hurting a lot of people. However, Grand Valley said there weren’t any other companies they could get hummus from, but I found one, sent it their way, and now I’m waiting to hear back from them.” [RELATED: Liberal students want to ban liberal Ben & Jerry’s from campus over Israeli ties] Haji initially told Campus Reform that “the university responded well” to her suggestion that they switch hummus brands and were “very much willing to meet and talk about the issues.” However, Haji later told Campus Reform that she has decided not to pursue her proposal further. “Unfortunately, campus dining does not necessarily have an alternative through their contracted distributor and therefore and I am longer pursuing this project.” While the group’s minutes were sure to include Haji’s efforts to boycott the pro-Israel company, they neglected to include Student Senator Benjamin Soltis’ voiced dissent. “Looking into an issue such as that is not only almost stupid, but very illogical. The IDF is the Israeli army and they do not commit human rights violations. People accuse the IDF of things all the time, yet it is Gaza and Hamas that continually put the children in front of their soldiers,” Soltis told Campus Reform. [RELATED: Israeli divestment bill seeking to boycott HP, Boeing vetoed at USF] Still, Maddie Cleghorn, GVSU Student Senate Chair supported Haji’s actions telling Campus Reform, “Senator Haji was doing her job of representing a concerned student interest by looking into adding alternative brands.” Despite removing support from its website in 2010, several schools have discussed Sabra bans or boycotts, including University of California Riverside and DePaul University. Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @ericabau2 […]

  • MSU Police Department establishes 'Inclusion and Anti-Bias Unit'

    Michigan State University (MSU) established a new branch of its police force on Tuesday tasked with the duty of protecting students from threats of exclusion and bias. “It’s been a great effort for Michigan State to follow up on students’ concerns, and essentially interests for what they see as MSU becoming more diverse and inclusive campus in the future,” Vice President for Academic Affairs for the Associated Students of MSU Lorenzo Santavicca told WLNS News. The new “Inclusion and Anti-Bias Unit” was created to promote “harmony between the police and diverse communities” as part of a larger campus diversity and inclusion initiative. Officers in the unit will be required to attend diversity training sessions in order to learn how to interact with people of all types of backgrounds. The MSU Police Department is not a stranger to diversity, though, since all officers are already expected to complete an inclusion and anti-bias training. Sergeant Florene McGlothian-Taylor will be leading the unit. the purpose of which, she said, is to eliminate all biased police reports against any type of person. “It’s not just race,” McGlothian-Taylor said. “It’s height, it’s weight, it’s gender, you know, it’s sex. It’s everything.” MSU students are reportedly excitedwiththe prospect of having a safe campus. “Any, like, inclusion with them – with our diverse population – is a good effort by the police,” student Brian Pieciak said. “I mean I think it’s a really good opportunity for people to get, like, real justice,” another student, Autumn Carson, said. President Lou Anna Simon said the new unit is a testament to the university’s “commitment to diversity and better understanding the needs of [its] students, faculty and staff.” Campus Reform reached out to MSU Police Department but did not receive a response in time for publication. Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @AGockowsk […]

  • Black feminists at UMD shame classmates for violating their safe space

    The University of Maryland hosted a “safe space” event for black women Monday night featuring discussions on topics such as how to “create a space of healing and rejuvenation" and "I feel like I have been treated differently because of the shade of my skin." The event, called “You Alright Sis?’ Black Woman Revitalization in the Face of Patriarchy,” was sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as part of its “Face(t)s of Black” celebration in honor of Black History Month. Near the beginning of the conversation, two females by the names of Eliza and Carrie shared with the group that they often feel uncomfortable around other black women because of assumptions that life is easier for immigrant blacks than native-born blacks, saying they “have experienced, and still experience, having cultures with African American women who say to us as African or Caribbean women that ‘you guys think you’re better than us’.” The conversation then progressed from classification to racism as they discussed how having a different skin tone can change perception. “People gender a black woman’s race,” Executive Administrative Assistant Timea Webster asserted, explaining, “if you are darker skinned you are more masculine; if you are more lighter skinned you are feminine.” Webster attempted to illustrate the point by referring to a controversial tweet showing Serena Williams next to race horse American Pharaoh, complaining, “she is literally being compared to an animal.” The tweet was intended merely to call attention to the fact that the horse beat Williams in a Sports Illustrated poll to determine sportsperson of the year, but inspired an outpouring of mean-spirited comments about Williams’ looks on social media. Webster then contrasted Williams with Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA star Stephen Curry (who happens to be light skinned), complaining about a tweet in which Curry stated that she “like[s] to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.” A woman by the name of Tatiyana took offense to the basketball wife’s comment, retorting, “What’s classy? What does that look like? That’s clearly race, that’s clearly class.” Later, one student told the assembly that her feelings get hurt while watching TV because “the love interest always has to be lighter than the man, and if she is darker, she has to have a weave; there has to be a European characteristic to make her okay.” Throughout the event, men and women, regardless of their race or sexual orientation, were periodically pressured to leave if they do not identify as a black woman, though Webster conceded that she lacked the authority to compel their eviction, lamenting that “we are the University of Maryland, which is a state university, tax funded, and I cannot put anyone out of the room.” “If we say that that’s something that we need, to be free, is that something that the black men in this room can respect?” an audience member chimed in. The question was not rhetorical, however, as the audience waited expectantly for the black males in attendance to answer individually. “As a facilitator, I have heard Angel say that if enough black women in this space do not feel comfortable with black men in this space, the black women in this space would like the black men—on their own terms—to leave,” Webster interpreted, failing to note the ironic juxtaposition between that request and the assurance given by a facilitator at the beginning of the event that “we will be mindful of and openly embrace the diversity in this room.” Despite the absence of coercion, two students, an African American male and an Asian American female, ultimately followed Webster’s suggestion in order to escape the ostracism and accusatory stares of other students. The female student felt so guilty for infringing upon a black women’s safe space that she actually cried as she removed herself out of the facilities. Follow the authors of this article on Twitter: @FrickePete & @C_Spencer_ &nbs […]

  • How Will You Celebrate Darwin Day?

    You might remember February 12 as Abraham Lincoln's birthday. What matters more for secularists is that it's Charles Darwin's birthday, which means every February 12 is the secularist holiday Darwin Day. There were other patron saints they could have chosen, but... […]

  • After Iran’s latest SHAMING of our U.S. military, Obama responds with…

    And the world will respond accordingly... […]

  • Immediately After Texas Legalized Open Carry, Something Widely Unexpected Happened

    "I didn't know it was going to be this much nothing." […]

  • Congressmen Come to Aid of Christian Business in Birth Control Battle

    Dozens of Congressmen have taken sides in a contentious birth control case that could go before the Supreme Court. On Wednesday, 43 members of Congress signed onto an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to come to the rescue of a Christian-owned pharmacy. The... […]

  • New Report Details the Government’s ‘Shifting Accounts’ of EPA-Caused Mine Spill

    An in-depth congressional investigation into the Obama administration's handling of the Environmental Protection Agency-caused mine spill in Colorado has revealed some troubling inconsistencies in the government's account of what happened. Republican staffers on the House Committee on Natural Resources has... […]

  • A Dog’s Family Abandoned Her But She Hit the Jackpot With Her New Owner!

    Libby was an unwanted dog. Katie and Andy Newitt found the Belgian Malinois at an abandoned warehouse. Her microchip led them to Libby’s owners, but they said they didn’t want her anymore. […]

  • SOCCER STAR RONALDO Slammed on Social Media for Appearing in Israeli Commercial (Video)

    Soccer star Christiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest soccer players in the game today, recently appeared in an Israeli advertisement. ... The post SOCCER STAR RONALDO Slammed on Social Media for Appearing in Israeli Commercial (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. […]

  • Report: China’s Currency Will Diminish Dollar’s Role in International Trade

    The Chinese government has taken steps to promote the international use of its currency, the renminbi, which will diminish the dollar’s role in international trade, according to a report from the Brookings Institution. The post Report: China’s Currency Will Diminish Dollar’s Role in International Trade appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Anti-Gun Lawmaker Once Lobbied To Protect CHILD RAPISTS & Wants VIOLENT CRIMINALS Released Early

    As state Representative Jennifer Williamson pushes her anti gun bills in the Oregon legislature, it’s important to remember her past, ... The post Anti-Gun Lawmaker Once Lobbied To Protect CHILD RAPISTS & Wants VIOLENT CRIMINALS Released Early appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. […]

  • Ben Carson just revealed the ONE thing that would make him DROP OUT…

    Many people have been wondering... […]

  • Former Top Obama Official Just Went Rogue And Dropped Bombshell About Hillary- ‘Unbelievable…’

    “What was going through this woman’s mind?" […]

  • Feds Spent $3.5 Million on Anti-Obesity Hip-Hop Songs

    A joint project by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health spent over $3.5 million to create anti-obesity hip-hop songs like the instant classic, “Bake Don’t Fry.” Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have been working on the program for more than a decade, which uses music to try to get obese preschoolers to lose weight. The post Feds Spent $3.5 Million on Anti-Obesity Hip-Hop Songs appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Former Fox Anchor Arrested After She Does THIS

    Nobody ever thought SHE would get arrested! […]

  • Rep. Duncan Hunter Vapes During Congressional Hearing

    The post Rep. Duncan Hunter Vapes During Congressional Hearing appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • After Waiting 70 Years, This WWII Love Is Rekindled for Valentine’s Day

    Sometimes love knows no boundaries. It can transcend time and distance. That is true with this story. […]

  • TheFrontPageCover

    The Front Page Cover  2016             The turth is the gold of today  Featuring: Fear Not, My Secular Friends  David Limbaugh ~~~ Heritage Panel Warns of Lingering Iran Nuclear Threat John Grady . . {news.usni.org} ~ As a number of congressional panels review the nuclear accord with Iran this week, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Tehran remains “a threshold nuclear power”… and even some Democrats who supported the deal are having “buyers’ remorse.” Rep. Ron de Santis (R-Fla.), who serves on the Middle East and Africa subcommittee, told attendees at a Heritage Foundation […]

  • Mizzou Prof Melissa Click: I Was Trying to “Keep the Crowd Calm” When I Told Protesters to Rough Up Reporter (VIDEO)

    In November Mizzou race activists harassed an Asian reporter while protesting on campus. University of Missouri professor Melissa Click was ... The post Mizzou Prof Melissa Click: I Was Trying to “Keep the Crowd Calm” When I Told Protesters to Rough Up Reporter (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. […]